gift vouchers

Want to make your loved ones happy with a gift that suits them?

Give them a moment of pleasure with the opportunity to choose their own gift.

Daphne's gift voucher is a stylish plastic card with a unique code, packed together with a beautiful card in a luxury envelope.

The options we offer you are for cards from EUR 20, 30, 40 and EUR 60 or a combination of them.

The Daphne gift voucher is a means of payment that allows you to buy all the clothes and accessories available in Daphne boutiques throughout the country - http://daphne.bg/bg/shops.html.

The gift voucher is extremely easy to use within 6 months from the date of its purchase. In order to be used, the voucher must be returned to one of the Daphne boutiques or to the address Varna, 9 Perperikon Street, and a receipt must be presented for its purchase.

In case the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the voucher, the difference should be paid extra. If the value is less, the difference is non-refundable.