about us

  Daphne is one of the leading and most established clothing brands in Bulgaria as it manufactures elegant women’s outfits, providing pleasurable comfort to many women of all ages. 

 More than 33 years now we have been continuously pursuing higher and higher standards in the quality of our models, designing them as trendy and fashionable and at the same time providing utmost comfort. Our high requirements, persistence and moreover – our sense of responsibility toward our clients were some of the reasons why we managed to gain the reputation of a firm, reliable and perspective in the future brand on the Bulgarian market. 

 All the materials and technological elements for the production of our clothes, even the smallest, hardly noticeable details, are consistent not only with our aesthetic views, but further more – with our criteria for quality, long-lasting life and functionality of the garment. The fabrics and other materials for our collections, the technological and production equipment are provided from worldwide established brands. 

 Owing to our profound experience we manage to balance successfully between high quality of no compromises and reasonable prices. 

 Because for us it is of great importance to be near our faithful customers, near to you.